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Our farmhouse "Erbhof" ... Ansitz Mair im Korn

The Mair im Korn farmhouse, which is situated below the old church of Algund near the spa town of Meran, has a long history. The estate with its vineyards and cornfields was first mentioned in a document on 1 December 1233. Corn de Algunda, the name of the estate then owned by Cunradus villicus im Corn, dates back to the distant year of 1351. In 1749 a charming baroque chapel dedicated to Saint John of Nepomuk was donated to the farm by Franz Alexander von Egen, the then proprietor. Mass may be celebrated publicly at the chapel by virtue of papal authorization.
In 1984 the property, which then belonged to the Anton Martin family, became an entailed estate. Anton Martin and his wife passed the estate on to their daughter Barbara, who now manages the farm with her husband Thomas Clementi and their children Sophie, Aaron and Kilian.